Saturday, November 4, 2017

Under the Beaver Moon

Some people said today is the day of revolution. But actually, it was just another day in this upside-down universe where corrupt moral characters hold reign, and herd their believers with lies and cowardice.

Yes, it is dark and gloomy, and at this hour the sun is on its way down while a full moon has not quite shaken the shackles of a far horizon. The sounds of resistance have not yet drowned out the sounds of the imperious barking their wares.

Perhaps it'll rain, though likely these clouds will be more of a tease. Just like today, the first day of the rest of the revolution.


gardnerc said...

Your words have impact and effect beyond the confines of your blog, thanks for sharing them! May I quote you on social media?

Twisted Li said...

Yes, you can quote me on social media, so long as you follow the Creative Commons license I display at the bottom of all my blog content.