Saturday, October 7, 2017


Let’s be realistic

Peace isn’t blind faith
Harmony isn’t silent
Love doesn’t look away
Or turn the other cheek
Again and again and again

Peace requires attention
Harmony raises voices
Love argues against fear and hate
And overwhelming odds
Again and again and again

Resistance must be our response
To what's happening to you and to me
To our families and our neighbors
To strangers near and far
And to the Earth and all living things

Peace, harmony, and love
Can only be sown
Can only take root
Can only grow
Can only thrive

When we listen and debate
When we reach out and donate
Our time, our money, our skills
When we write to Congress
Sign petitions, knock on doors
And get out the vote
When we take a knee
And practice acts of kindness
And hold onto each other
As we march side by side

Again and again and again.

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