Friday, August 3, 2007


I awoke from this dream, and a chill ran 'cross my bones...

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I had been journeying long through a strange land, feeling lonely for being so far and away from any familiar face. Suddenly my lover appeared, and we talked as we cuddled beneath a blanket of stars.

I spoke of my wondrous travels thus far, and she told me that she had slept with many while waiting for my return. She had wanted so badly for someone to stay by her side forever. Yet because she had not been able to conceive, she decided to follow my footsteps to find me. I was shocked, but loved her still, and wanted so much to forgive her wanderings as she had forgiven mine.

I found myself atop a tall tower, and looking down, felt as if I was suspended in the air without any anchor, but anchored there nonetheless. I was watching my lover looking up at me, calling me to come down to meet her. For some unknown reason I hesitated, and watched as the grass opened up and three demons pulled her under and devoured her. The horrifying part was that she continued to smile and wave to me as they did so.

In fear, I toppled from my tower, and tried to remain calm and collected as I shied from the grass. I ran away as far and as fast as I could, and finally found myself at the water's edge. As I smelled the sea and felt the waves splash at my feet, I gleefully walked into the deep.

<word count: 250>


Emmy said...

Love your HDT quote! Reading your BLOG makes me want to write my dreams down...

Anonymous said...

Even if I wrote my dreams I don't think I could match you verbal
magic. I truly think there might be a short story or even a book screaming to get out of you. Maybe when you retire?

Love Kerry

Sorry you won't be joining us for dinner Saturday.