Thursday, January 4, 2007

We Are Naked And Can Fly

I awoke from this dream, feeling scared yet elated...

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I was walking to work when a beautiful woman came up to me and smiled. She tapped me on my shoulder and suddenly we began to fly. We flew high and far and it was glorious.

When we landed, we continued on to my work. Just as we were nearing my office, she tapped me on my shoulder and suddenly I was naked. I gasped and hid in a closet. Laughing, she told me that it was me who caused our wondrous flight, and just the same I had but to think of what I wanted to wear and I would be clothed. I thought a bit, and suddenly I was wearing the requisite business attire. I walked into my office and she stopped just outside my door.

She smiled and told me that even though we all walk this earth in the clothes we want others to see, we are naked and can fly.

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