Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Okuna Prompts 1-14

Over on Okuna.IO there is a Nanofiction community. Here's a few of my nanofics...


Prompt #1 - Thirteen people disappeared. Tell the story any way you wish, such as from the perspective of one of the missing or an observer. Limit your story to 55 words.

Who wants to cross the picket line when the Warden of Evils and the Janitors of Hell go on strike?


Prompt #4 - Begin with this person, Sean. Look at Sean in your mind. Let an initial description form, then look closer. Look at the situation Sean is in. Look again, closer. Now tell the story in 55 words.

Sean is a bastard. He shakes me down for money morning, noon and night. I clean after him every day, and worry after him every sleepless night. Am I ever enough? Will he ever leave? Sean is a bastard, he is my son. His father a one-time mistake, gone long before Sean was born.


Prompt #5 - Tell the events of your life thus far as though it were a superhero origin story. 55 words. Include as many story elements as you can.

Born with a white cape, I was ultimately buried under a cape of many colors (song copyright pending, as is the lawsuit to follow).

Prompt #5b - Yourself as a super hero (from prompt #5) meets your archnemesis. 55 words.

I stalked the girl with the translucent cape. She was always one step ahead. Once, I'd caught her but the corner of her cape slipped from my fingers like water. She looked back at me with a mirror-familiar fiendish grin and tilt of her head. And now, she stalks me.


Prompt #9 - Dragons are suddenly real. Deal with it in 55 words.

Who will rule the world, dragons or ticks? Humans will never know.


Prompt #14 - An apprentice tries to take the lead with their master during a critical moment. The master does not want to listen, but pretends to. What happens? 55 words.

Apprentice: Can I blah blah wah wah? Master: uh-huh, mm-hmmm, sure. Apprentice does the thing. Master: WTF? Apprentice: You said it was okay if I created these two-legged beings. Master: But look what they're doing! Apprentice: Oh. Shit. Master and Apprentice watch as the Master's most incredible creation is destroyed.

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