Wednesday, November 9, 2016

We Will Prevail

[img src = wikipedia, saban; cropped; CC by-SA 3.0]
If we remain compassionate and caring of our brothers and sisters. Whether they are white or of color, straight or LGBTIQ, Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Jewish or Atheist or otherwise. Whether they are of the 99%, or not. Whether they are too young or too old, or unable to care for themselves.

If we stand up for the rights of all human beings, for the health and welfare and freedom of our global citizens. If we work together to end the harm we humans are causing to our planet.

Where we can lend a hand, we shall lend two. Where we can speak up for the voiceless, we will roar. And where ever it is needed, we will use every avenue available; by referendum or recall, legal proceedings or non-violent protest.

We will prevail.

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