Saturday, October 25, 2014


I participated in a flash scene with MJ Bush, and the scene below was written in response to her image prompt here.


The old said to the young, “Listen carefully to the wind, and be sure to bend her way.”

The young said to the old, “I will bend which ever way I please.”

“So foolish,” said the old as it rattled its leaves, “that will be a hard lesson indeed.”

When the wind came whistling, the old one bent to her call. But the young laughed and said, “Why, it’s barely nothing at all.”

Of course, wind loves to dance.

Soon the young timber shivered and shook, and teetered and tottered until finally it cracked. Then a groan was let loose as the old bent all the way back.

Digging roots deep to hold fast, the old steadied the young through the end of the blast.

And now two trees grow similar, and bend to the wind whenever she calls.

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